Do you need a realistic image of your project? Do you have a vision you want to share through an image?

We work following exactly your plans, blueprints, drawings, etc to help bring your project to life.

You only have one chance to make a great first impression so that's why it is paramount for you to have the image that adequately reflects your product.

The quality of your marketing images could be the difference when it comes to a sale or potential clients going to your showroom.

At Frag Studio, we aim the highest quality and optimal customer service.  We will manage your project as if it was our own to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Check out our image gallery to get an idea of the quality you will get on your next project.


Is your project too important to be represented by a single still image?

Would you like to show several angles to your project?

We will put together a virtual animation that will illustrate the magnitude of your project. Whether it be for a television broadcast, a presentation or an HD screen in your showroom, our expertise in animation will speak very highly of you to your clients and collaborators.

To ensure the final result is exactly what you are looking for, you will be involved from start to finish. We will deliver a top quality animation that reflects your ideas whether they be to show technical specs, explain the advantages of your product or even set an ambiance. 

Do you want your client to live an experience?

Opt for a 360 visit of your project.

Whether it be with virtual reality glasses or simply on a smartphone, your clients will be impressed. 
The graphic quality of our interactive visits is identical to the one we deliver in our renderings.